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After the death of a participant, the HEIRS or LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE of the estate must complete and return the Beneficiary Claimant Questionnaire and Fund Indemnification Form with supporting documentation.

These forms must be completed by the person claiming a right to receive payments of a deceased performer’s royalties.  We encourage you to consult an attorney for any questions of a legal nature.

Dear Fund Participant or Beneficiary,

The Fund has recently revised its policy regarding the payment of deceased performers’ royalties.
The Notice below explains the Fund’s new procedures for claiming such royalties.

We urge you to read the Notice carefully.

Upon your passing, your HEIRS or the LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE of your estate will be required to file a claim with the Fund to receive any royalties otherwise owed to you, together with supporting documents that demonstrate their right to succeed to your payments.   The required forms (Beneficiary Claimant Questionnaire and Beneficiary Indemnification Form) can be downloaded by clicking on the links or by calling 818-255-7980, ext. 4002.

The Fund will no longer honor beneficiary designation cards (except where the Participant filed a card with the Fund and died before November 1, 2014).  In every other case, your Heirs or Legal Representative will be required to follow the Fund’s claim procedure.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Fund if you have any questions.


Toni Scalera
Beneficiary Claims Manager


What is the Fund?

          The AFM & SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund (“Fund”) distributes digital performance and audio home recording royalties to session musicians and vocalists, as well as certain other foreign royalties payable to performers.

Why Have I Received this Notice?

          You are receiving this notice because the Fund’s records show that you received a royalty payment in the past.  You may, or may not, be entitled to a royalty payment in the future.

If I Become Entitled to Royalties After My Death, Will the Fund Pay My Heirs/Successors?

          Yes, if you become entitled to royalties after your death, the Fund will pay your royalties to a person or persons who are entitled, under the law of the state where you were living at the time of death, to receive payments owed to you.  However, they must file a claim with the Fund, and provide appropriate documentation demonstrating their right to payment.

How Do My Heirs or Successors File a Claim with the Fund?

          The Fund’s Claimant Questionnaire and Application explains the process and helps determine what documentation is necessary.  Documentation will vary, depending on whether your heir or successor is entitled to payment pursuant to 1) your will; 2) a trust you created; 3) your state’s simplified procedures for small estates; 4) your state’s law of intestacy; or 5) some other basis.  Your heir or successor simply fills out the form and provides the documentation.

          The Claimant Questionnaire and Application and the Fund Indemnification Form are available by clicking on the links above, or can be obtained by calling the Fund at 818-255-7980, ext. 4002.

What If I Filed a Beneficiary Designation Card with the Fund in the Past?

          The Fund WILL NOT honor a beneficiary designation card for any person whose date of death is on or after November 1, 2014.  Heirs or successors of such persons must file a claim with the Fund and demonstrate their entitlement to payment under state law as described in the Claimant Questionnaire and Application.

          In the case of a person whose date of death is prior to November 1, 2014, the Fund will honor a beneficiary designation card previously filed with the Fund, if any.  In many instances, there is no beneficiary designation card on file.  In those cases, the heir or successor must file a claim as described above.

          If a deceased performer (“Deceased Performer”) is entitled to a distribution of royalties under these Distribution Guidelines, the Fund shall pay those royalties to successors only in accordance with the following provisions.

a.    Where the performer’s or successor’s date of death is on or after November 1, 2014

Any person(s) claiming the right to receive the royalties must file documents with the Fund that demonstrate the right to receive such payments under the law of the state in which the decedent had his or her legal residence at the time of death.  The Fund shall provide a Claimant Questionnaire and Application to assist claimant(s) in filing such claims.  The Fund’s website shall list the performers (and successors) for whom the Fund has payments, in order to enable potential claimants to contact the Fund.

b.    Where the performer’s or successor’s date of death is prior to November 1, 2014:

If a performer or successor died prior to November 1, 2014, and had previously filed a beneficiary designation card with the Fund, the Fund will pay his or her royalties to the beneficiary(ies) named on the beneficiary designation card on file with the Fund.  Where no beneficiary designation card is on file with the Fund, a person claiming the right to receive the royalties must satisfy the claim requirements set forth in provision (a) above.

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